What is One Halton?

our priorities

One Halton is not one organisation – it is a partnership between the Council, NHS Organisations, GP Practices, Fire, Police and Voluntary Organisations.

Under the banner of One Halton, we have made a commitment to work together to achieve one goal – a community living healthier, happier and longer lives, regardless of who they are, or where they might live.

By getting it right, we will prevent people becoming unwell; keep people living longer and healthier lives in their own homes; and make sure that the right services are in the right place for those who really need them.

The One Halton Plan sets out the work we will be doing together over the next five years to tackle the issues our community has told us is most important to them

Children and Young People

 improved levels of early child development

Generally Well

 increased levels of physical activity and healthy

Long-term Conditions

 reduction in levels of heart disease and stroke

Mental Health

improved prevention, early detection and treatment


 reduced level of premature death

Older People

improved quality of life